Sep 29 2009

all packed up, moved out and nomadic…

The house has been emptied, cleaned and Dale is over there for the last time this arvie to do the checkout. Good bye Sunningdale. I’m loving the shorter commute.. 

What a weekend, packed up, moved (thanks for your help Ryan), said our farewells to our great neighbours, head to London and we are still working our way through odds and ends, donating clothes to homeless shelters, deciding on what food to pack, sorting out our medical supplies and the biggest task ahead, getting rid of the excess gear which has been shoved into every nook and cranny of Mvubu.

We are spending the week at Niel and Nicolene’s while they are in the States. Huge ‘thank you’ to them for welcoming us into their home. We are off to East Sheen next week to stay with Lesa and Stuart. Mvubu is seeing a fair bit of south west London. He’s been a country lad most of his life so we thought we’d expose him to the more cosmopolitan side before throwing him on to African turf. Hope he doesn’t pick up too many bad  habits from the locals though!

So with under 3 weeks to go, very little admin to deal with and homeless, we finaly take on our nomadic existence in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. The way you start it is the way you end it.. Months on couches to a few weeks on.. fortunately beds! All those who have enjoyed living in London will know the drill!

Sep 18 2009

29 days and the Carnet de Passage has arrived.

With 29 days to go and the AA in SA on the ball, the carnet was delivered by the courier company yesterday afternoon while I was en route to collect Mvubu.

Special thanks to Odette at the AA in SA and to Simone and Natasha for getting it collected and sent to London so quickly. Berco collected it from JHB on Wednesday and delivered to London on Thursday! Wow, Superman quick! I’m sure Mvubu will be happy his passport has arrived!

Sep 17 2009

this time next month we’re sailing!

Went and collected Mvubu this evening.. He is feeling better than ever and is in tip top form. He felt a bit bad about the money spent to get him back up and running but I assured him it was essential to get him back on form and it was my fault he ended up in the predicament he was in. Anyway, all’s done and we’ve both learnt from the experience.

So this time next month the Pride of Bilbao would have dropped its mooring lines, raised its anchor, chugged up the diesel and set sail across the Channel and we’ll be on it. Spain here we come!

The only admin left to sort out is packing up and moving out, then a little ‘dossing’ where we can find a pad for our heads. Niel and Nicolene have kindly invited us to stay at their house for the first week while they are away and then Dave may be away in Italy so we’ll have his room until we depart. Lesa, Ryan, Hayley and Hildy have all kindly offered us a bed or place to lay our homeless heads too! Thanks to all for your kind offers and I guess we need to get used to taking up offers when they come round so who knows, you may have us as flatmates for a week or two, or even days! Thanks a ton!

That’s pretty much it for now but we’ll keep you posted closer to departure date, well we’ll remind you as we start the countdown in days!

Sep 16 2009

4 and a half weeks to go and Mvubu is still in traction..

The diagnosis of Mvubu’s ankle has not been good.. So the left CV joint sheared and in the process knocked off a spacer/shim/sealer type ring inside the axle housing which could not be fixed. The solution was a refurbished front axle housing. Fortunately Footloose had an old one which was sand blasted and powder coated so saved a small fortune on that. Both the CVs have been replaced (again as this was done as part of the original prep work) and bearings etc used where they could be salvaged.

The problem is now in the rear diff. After several attempts at locking the diff and diagnostics it seems the actuator motor is a little tired.. I’m sure this would have given up en route so again best to get it sorted now. A fair chunk of money for a fairly simple yet critical part. So the work continues!

The good news is that we have under four and a half weeks to go to departure date. Hi hip hooray!