Oct 16 2009

heads are turning and Mvubu is attracting the fairer…

Mvubu has clearly been impressing the ladies. He’s received a few notes on his windscreen while crowding the streets of south west London. At first I thought they may be notes complaining about his broad shoulders, staunch thighs, big feet and tight postérieur and that he was blocking drives and making the access too narrow to pass etc but they were in fact cards and notes wishing us good luck on our travels.

How nice it is to get these words of encouragement from complete strangers who have taken their time out to visit our website and return with these gestures. Hopefully we’ll be able to spread the word re our charitable causes and help those in need.

Thanks to the people who care and the kind words do add that extra value to the cause.

Oct 15 2009

satellite phone, Spanish omelette and Kudu biltong…

So ‘two days for one thousand’ is my motto today. Two more days left at work and a possible thousand off from tomorrow. What a feeling! So I brought in a bag of Kudu biltong to enjoy with a handful of people (no everyone enjoys biltong this far north), Esperanza made two great Spanish omelettes and Adrian popped down to Tesco and bought a few crusty bread rolls to enjoy with the 3* breakfast!

The satellite SIM card has been activated and the number etc can be accessed on the ‘Contact Us’ page on the blog or website. If you are unable to activate the website I’ll include the number on an email to all later today.

So, two days of work, two sleeps to departure and 2 years (possibly more) of adventure.. And of course the 2 of us!

Oct 7 2009

chasing the sun…

Well after battling against the elements on Saturday in Wimbledon Common during our picnic, surviving the last 3 days of rain in London, I can’t wait to get across the channel and feel the autumn sun in Spain and then the final move into Africa, where hopefully we’ll feel it all year long!

Thanks to all who joined us on Saturday and it was great catching up with people who we not seen in years (more me than Dale). One of the only times Dale has suffered with a hangover and I’ve been perky the morning after, must have been the fact that I was only topping up from the night before.

Mvubu is well, rather laden but carrying himself well in London. He’s been trying out some urban camo.. As autumn is in full swing the oak trees in Sheen have managed to create an orange blanket over him. I think he is looking forward to a little sun too.

So with 10 days to go, a little more admin to sort out re packing up and storage, we are in good spirits, with mixed nerves (not too sure when it will hit me) and far too many evenings out catching up with everyone, we will hopefully get through the next week unscathed (I have my work farewell on Friday and I’m very nervous) and head down the A3 on Saturday a week to board the Pride of Bilbao..

Oct 1 2009

AfriKids and SawubonAfrica..

‘There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.’  Nelson Mandela

I had a great meeting with representatives of AfriKids from London and Ghana today. AfriKids have been kind enough to allow us to join them in northern Ghana and help out with various projects they are currently running.

AfriKids is predominantly a child rights organisation but they believe in creating sustainability in the communities they work with and create an environment for the younger generation to get educated and vocational training, initiating the economical activities which start the cycle for continual economic sustainability.

For those of you who are interested in their projects or the organisation please get online and click www.AfriKids.org to learn, appreciate, get involved or support.

We are looking forward to meeting up with Nich (from AfriKids Ghana) and Richard (from Operation Fresh Start) in Ghana to add value in any way possible. Hopefully we can provide a useful medium to get the exposure they need to continue their sustainability plans for the next 10 years.