Our new travelling companion…

Kobe, tortoise in Swahili, is a 1983 Land Cruiser HJ47 double cab conversion and is powered by Toyota’s infamous 2H 3980cc 6 cylinder diesel engine and a sluggish 4 speed gearbox.

We found him tucked away behind some modern machines in Nairobi and I’m sure any Land Cruiser lover would have scolded me if I left this classic to end up as a bush car again or being overworked on a farm.

So from now on south Dale will drive Mvubu behind Kobe and I. I’m sure he will adjust to the family life fairly quickly and enjoy seeing the rest of Africa while heading to SA. He’s had a fair bit of love already but I made sure Mvubu got his share too as I changed all the brake pads and did a little needed work on him too. Mvubu will also have a slower ride now too as old Kobe is 13 years his senior and missing that spritely spirit but still has the guts and gees to get through the toughest terrain.

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8 Responses to “Our new travelling companion…”

  • Hannah Says:

    Hey guys, Looks like you are starting a new tour company? Its a great truck and you have more room to collect fellow travellers/locals/souvenirs from your journey!
    Have fun xxx

  • Albo Says:

    Nice find boet, looks in pretty good condition.

    Loving the license plate too, you’ll have to christen him with a bottle of their finest product when you get to ZAR.


  • Patrick Kayton Says:

    Flippin’ awesome, boet! As always, I’m jealous.

    Looking forward to seeing this blog printed and bound when you’re all done.

  • Megs Says:

    Hey guys!
    He’s a beaut! Sounds like you are having an awesome time – so envious!
    Lots of love to you both from the 3 of us.

  • Desiree Maarschalk Says:

    Hello Kirk and Dale
    …some advice…the woman should drive in front,you see it has been proven many times over that a woman will ask for directions when necessary!
    So glad you are having such a wonderful trip,when will we see you guys?

  • Jason Says:

    Congrats Kirk and Dale on the new addition to the family. I hope Kobe gives you as much joy and as little trouble as Mvubu has on your unbelievable trip to SA.

    All the best for the little hike up that mole hill called Kili. I am sure you will sumount it with no problems at all.

    Missing you guys.

  • Kerin shipman Says:

    Awesome guys. Spuds like your travels are getting more and more adventurous! Enjoy killi and hope everything is going well.
    Kerin xx

  • Sandra Lynch Says:

    Ok you two who is going to be driving what now? Carry on having a ball its a fantastic experience and one day when you are sitting on the stoep having coffee and rusks you will be saying to each other “dear, do you remember when? and all these wonderful memories will come back to you.
    love the Lynch’s

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