Standing at 5895m AMSL…

and the first question that comes out of my mouth is…

‘Will you marry me!’

That is right everyone, I proposed to Dale on the summit of the highest free standing mountain in the world. On the roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro!

The account of the climb and pics will follow when we get a better internet connection.

Thanks to all who sent their congrats… The web does provide a speedy flow of news!!

4 Responses to “Standing at 5895m AMSL…”

  • Phillipa Says:

    yay yay yay!!! what a great idea to pop the qtn ont he top of Kili! Congrats to you both, we better haul that Chateau Lynch out the garage now!!!

  • Ryan Says:

    Kirk you romantic. Well done to the both of you, such fab news. Cant wait to celebrate with the both of you in person :)

  • Justin Says:

    Well done guys, a massive congratulations to you both!! Done in absolute style. When you get back we must celebrate and sink 40 beers each.

  • Bridget Says:

    Such awesome news! We are all so happy for you both and cant wait to catch up on your return to Durbs! Love Bee xxx

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