Time is ticking by slowly for me. I am currently on my annual 6-week summer holiday break. Usually I would be relishing in the fact that I have no work to do for the next 6 weeks but instead I am wishing that I were at work so that time would fly by and the departure date for our African adventure would get here more rapidly. I have been following many blogs of various people who are currently travelling through Africa and they are most certainly whetting my appetite for adventure. I have been busying myself packing boxes…anything in the house that is not of use such as board games, extra crockery sets, picture frames, books etc. Kirk and I have already packed our ‘expedition clothing’ into the bags that we are going to be taking with us. It is an added bonus for me to see how many more items of clothing I can fit into my bag…an advantage of being a girl and being allocated the same size bag as Kirk who is, to a certain degree, bigger and taller than me!   We are taking Mvubu to Paul in Peterborough next Saturday to do a crash course in mechanics and for Paul to advise us on what equipment is crucial for the trip and what needs to stay in England. Mvubu will be spending the week at Footloose 4×4 so that he can be fitted with a new heavy-duty clutch. He is hopefully going to be the picture of health when we get him back and will be ready to take us into and beyond the great continent.

2 Responses to “72 DAYS UNTIL DEPARTURE”

  • Niel Coetzer Says:

    Dale, don’t forget the high heels for going jolling in Africa. :-) We will hook up with you guys somewhere! Best of luck with the preparations. Niel

  • Dave Says:

    Just make sure Kirk concentrates during the mechanics course. U guys need find something to do before October otherwise you’ll go mad……good news I’m BACK so I will make sure we have a few good parties before you leave!

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