7 weeks, 3 days and counting…

With under 2 months to go and Mvubu ready to roll we really only have a few things to take care of. First being Dale’s Schengen visa.. Man what a pain. Between VFS (the designated visa service company for a Spanish Schengen) and the Spanish Consulate things are not moving very quickly. As they say, on a SA passport best to get to France for a day or two and secure a year or even two visa now. Once that is sorted Dale has the task of arranging the Moroccan visa.. Holding thumbs for that!! How great it is to have a British passport!

The final big task is moving out of the house. We’ve managed to secure a garage on an ongoing lease so have a storage facility for the bits and bobs (mainly my bikes and other crap) and it is loads cheaper than any other storage option which is a big bonus. We move out of the house in exactly a months time so the clock is ticking. Thereafter it is saying our farewells, finishing up at work and hitting the A3 to Portsmouth.

Mvubu is in tip top form and nerves are starting to show. A few consoling words and he perks right up and has a sip of his super power juice and all is forgotten.. He mentioned he was sick and tired of the M25 traffic on Saturday, while on our way back home and all he wants is desert, mud and dirt roads.. ‘Enough of this prissy tarred smooth malarky and road works. Give me grit, grime, mud, moose, washboards, 70 degree sand, rocky climbs and full double tank of power juice and we’ll be ready to rock n roll..’. Well, that was enough for me. My confidence levels shot through the roof. His new heavy duty clutch must have picked him right up and gave him the real kahunas four months before his fourteenth birthday. My boy’s growing up!

Apart from that, the prep continues. I’ve been working on getting all the waypoints and tracks collected and converted into Points Of Interest. Updating various map sources and loading audiobooks and music on iTunes. Bags are pretty much packed and hopefully all we’ll need to do is stuff them in the back, jump in and drive off..

If the weather holds out this weekend I’ll take some updated pics of Mvubu and post them and attempt to pack the car up to check where all the goodies will have a good home. Till then.. Salani kahle.

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  • Justin Wiehe Says:

    Hey Guys, got your mail address from Pat – what can I say! Kirky, very proud of you bru for going on this journey (and very envious). You always had the balls my man. Hope you guys have a fantastic time and I’ll keep checking your website for updates. Mvubu is fcking awesome! “And their journey took them, into the wild…”

  • Craig Alderson Says:

    Rock on guys. I look forward to the weekly stories to take me away from the grind of investment banking. And Kirk, well done on the rugby mate – DeVilliers suggests that NZ and Oz are trying to replicate aerial ping pong as well…..hmmm no comment

  • Tarryn Cothill Says:

    Hi guys, I’m really excited for you and very envious. Love you lots

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