satellite phone, Spanish omelette and Kudu biltong…

So ‘two days for one thousand’ is my motto today. Two more days left at work and a possible thousand off from tomorrow. What a feeling! So I brought in a bag of Kudu biltong to enjoy with a handful of people (no everyone enjoys biltong this far north), Esperanza made two great Spanish omelettes and Adrian popped down to Tesco and bought a few crusty bread rolls to enjoy with the 3* breakfast!

The satellite SIM card has been activated and the number etc can be accessed on the ‘Contact Us’ page on the blog or website. If you are unable to activate the website I’ll include the number on an email to all later today.

So, two days of work, two sleeps to departure and 2 years (possibly more) of adventure.. And of course the 2 of us!

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  • Patrick Kayton Says:

    All the best wishes in the world to you both!

    Maybe once I start hearing the true stories of Mvubu, I’ll do what I promised to do years ago and get poetic.

    I hope you have the time of your young lives!

  • Kirk Says:

    Thanks Pat. Hopefully in a few weeks/months time I’ll have a whole new muse and Life Between Life will progress from a few paragraphs into an array of literary masterpieces. See you in Cape Town in September/October next year…

  • Colleen van Kleef Says:

    Hey Kirkie!

    Bee just emailed to remaind me that today’s your last day at work! You and Dale must be chomping at the bit!

    I did sms you but in case you didn’t get it I hope you guys have the time of your lives & wishing you both all the very best – no one deserves it more than you! (Except me maybe… LOL – just kidding!)

    Can’t wait to read up all about it… gee, I’m so excited for you guys!

    Chat to you soon!

  • Chad & Liesel Says:

    Hey Guys – just wanted to wish you all the best on your adventure. We’re sure the journey will be epic and will provide enough tales to tell around the braai to last a lifetime. We will definitely be following your progress on your site. Good luck, be safe and most of all enjoy it – Cheers, Chad & Liesel.

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