life between life starts with a metaphor…

It was great having our friends see us off en route to Portsmouth, made the anticipation and excitement more real. The ferry made a detour during the early hours of the 18th without us even knowing the better. One of the passengers went into labour at about midnight and the ferry had to change bearing and head back to the Devon coast to allow an airlift to get the passenger and assume new born to a hospital on the mainland. A new life for one and a great metaphor for the start of our new life.

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  • Dave Says:

    When you click on the satphone sms link and try send an sms it says wrong number?

    Enjoy the journey. I’m thinking of you guys.

  • Kirk Says:

    click on the link then copy and paste the number on the ‘contact us’ page in the tab. it works, I sent a message as a test before we left but will only pick them up in Morocco.

  • Kirk Says:

    paste 881631614783 into the number tab..

  • Adrian Says:

    Go you two! Everyone at work has been DESPERATE to get updates. Remember you have a responsibility – ALOT of people are going to be living vicariously through your exploits! Lots of updates please including what seem like the mundane. Enjoy.

  • Albo Says:

    Good luck guys! Hope you have a jol.

    Any updates to the photo gallery???

  • Patrick Kayton Says:

    And a fine metaphor it is. I’m loving this story already. I hope you’ve got the handicam on permanently.

    Sterkte, mense!

  • Bridget Says:

    Hi Kirk & Dale – great hearing your news! Thanks for updating. Keep us posted on all the happenings. Love Bee xxx

  • Ellen and Jay Says:

    Thinking of you guys!!!

  • Nats Says:

    Hey Guys!
    You made it to Granada yet?? Any idea when you’ll get to sunny Marbella? Thursday or Friday would be great for us 😉
    N x

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