everyone believes they have seen the best sunset…

We saw one of the best sunsets last night and it does tip the scale a little more than all the others we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Not because it was absolutely spectacular but because it silohuetted the Atlas mountains of Morocco, the first port of call in Africa. From Tarifa you can see the outline of the mountains clearly and on a wind free day they say you can see the houses too. We’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a wind free day today, 30 degree temps and cloud free skies, what a start and I bet if more Mud Island crew knew about this weather the place would have been over-run by northerners.. there is no local chippie though! Bought 1kg of sized prawns for €6 yesterday and feasted on them fresh from the skillet with garlic butter and lemon, eat your heart out Rick Stein… Just updated the Spain album with more pics but left off the prawns as you need to get here to experience that…

3 Responses to “everyone believes they have seen the best sunset…”

  • Kerin Says:

    Jealous….so jealous. Sounds like you guys certainly are living the dream

  • Julie Says:

    Sounds amazing… but guys where can I find your photos??? sending lots of love. Julie.x

  • Megs Says:

    Hey guys!
    Thoroughly enjoying your posts. Great entertainment for me when I’m up for the 2am feeds.
    Can’t believe you’re finally in Africa living your dream! Enjoy!!

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