Adios Espania… Sawubona Africa…

We are about to head south to Algeciras to board the fast ferry to Ceuta. It has been a great, chilled stay in Tarifa and I’d suggest that each and every one of you try make it to this neck of the woods when travelling in Spain. The clouds have moved in and it seems the sun may be a distant memory for those who remain in Camping Torre Dela Pena. Met some great people here and had an awesome munch last night with beer and sangria.

So, adios Espania.. but more importantly Sawubona Africa.

6 Responses to “Adios Espania… Sawubona Africa…”

  • Craig Alderson Says:

    never been that way – just Madrid and greater area, Barcelona, Seville and Malaga. Sounds awesome dude and added to my ever growing list

  • Natalie Says:

    Yay!! So glad you enjoyed your stay in EspaƱa! Was great to catch up too. Buen viaje – Safe travels you two!! All the best, N&D&Bump xx

  • Sally Hanson Says:

    Hi there.

    Looks like you made it to Mijas Pueblo – Junior clearly did the tourist bit! I hope you love the old village as much as I do. Anybody else out there must visit Mijas Pueblo (not Mijas Costa – YUK!). Tarifa on the New Year list to visit. Cheers Jalloppee (Sangria Cheers!). Life in Sunnigndale without the South Africa duo is dull!

  • Strat (Ryan to Dale) Says:

    Yeeha, let the real adventure begin!

  • Michelle van Kleef Says:

    so exciting!!! sending loads of love xxx

  • Bridget Says:

    Ive tried to send a sms but it didnt work – what am i doing wrong? Good times ahead and your photos are lovely. Love Bee xxx

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