adkins diet or afri diet?..

With the price of a whole beef fillet (under €3 per kg) being 75% of the cost of chicken who would think that the Adkins Diet was non existent in Africa! That said, a 650ml beer in Burkina costs €1 and by far the cheapest on our entire trip thus far…

One would only ever trust home scale, perhaps the pay scale at Boots for some, more than often the airline scales but you can be sure that the scales at a customs office in Africa has to be calibrated to closest 1000th of a gram. On entering Burkina we were excited to put the reliability of this scale to the test. This particular model, a shift weight scale with a max of 100kg scale, looked the part of a scientific apparatus and it was this specific apparatus that concluded that I, Kirk George Lynch, have broken the 100kg mark. Years of effort and comfortable living had kept me above the golden century for a very long time but now, after 3 months on the road, I not only broke through the mark I smashed it by 10kg’s. I am now on 90kg’s and back in form.

Fat boy of the past, racing snake of the future!

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