Cloud covered skies in London, fine red wines in Bordeaux to open market dining in Fez. Classic Casablanca to the adventure rally raid end in Dakar, off to Timbuktu to see how far it is. Slave trade in Accra, Voodoo in Benin and surfing hippos in Gabon. Speedy run through war torn slum into new aged Angola. Skeleton Coast and shipwrecked boats, deserve a cold beer in Namibia. So far south, no doubt we will think twice but only half the journey is done. Through the Caprivi, ready for the extensive tour of the east. ‘Livingston I presume’ to ‘Gorillas in the Mist’. Altitudes on top of Kili to the basin of the Great Rift Valley. Lakes larger than seas, mighty rivers and their tributaries. Palm lined beaches and off road ventures, Africa is ours to experience...

Who knows where the road less traveled will take us. The route will no doubt change while we are on our way but the interactive map on the right provides the preliminary route we are expecting to cover.

We plan to track our full trip on GPS and plot the actual route, updating the interactive map in Google Maps with photos and videos so there is some perspective on how the trip fits together.

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Click on the link for a schedule of each country's rainfall and our expected timeline along the route.


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